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Why does Consel have the best bollards?

We asked our CEO in an interview

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Francis, cross your heart...

“Francis, why are Consel’s bollards the best?”

Francis: Bollards have been our world for 25 years. We are constantly engaged in developing and improving the systems, with the goal of perfecting our bollards and making them as operationally safe as possible. Operational safety includes visibility, a long service life, the best materials and corrosion protection. Ultimately, the bollards must be safe for passersby. We have perfected all of these requirements in recent years – our products are economical and extremely safe.


“What are the advantages of choosing Consel’s urbanstar bollards?”

Francis: The quality of the system itself, a long service life, corrosion resistance, operational safety and economy. It’s not just the bollard, but everything that goes with it. We have already commissioned over 400 systems throughout Europe. Maintenance and troubleshooting are in our hands. We are also manufacturers and know “which screws to turn”. For this reason we can also concentrate on special solutions. We have specialized in this and know the systems extremely well. Since everything comes from one house, we know what we are talking about!


“What can’t Consel’s bollards do?”

Francis: flying 😆. Basically, we are able to develop a wide variety of special solutions, especially in the high security sector! What we could have more are different design aspects! – But we are working on that.


“Has a customer ever asked for something that you couldn’t implement?”

Francis: No, not directly. We want to offer special solutions, but we take a standardized approach. Especially in the high-security area, we have the knowledge and the team to produce and install a customized solution. The question is always how to design a custom solution so that the security aspects are met.


“Why should I choose Consel over competitors as a matter of principle?”

Francis: We love what we do. We are manufacturers. We are passionate about it because it is our core business. We are not just integrators, we cover the whole portfolio. Manufacturing, project planning, consulting, maintenance and we have our own technicians. The whole Journey is with us, which makes it straightforward for the customer.


“If I’m interested, who do I contact?”

Francis: Basically, people can contact anyone on the team. However, it’s best to get in touch with our sales manager. Either by phone, on-site, online meeting – we can advise them in all ways.


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Roland Brechbühl

Head of Manufacturing

+41 43 277 60 74 roland.brechbuehl@consel.ch

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