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Removable bollards

Manually removable bollards for rarely used passages

These bollards offer only a minimum of flexibility. Although they can be removed, this is associated with greater effort. Therefore, manually removable bollards are only used where a passage is extremely rarely used.

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Where are they used?

Due to their weight and removal effort, this type of bollard is recommended only for passageways with very infrequent use.

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Removable bollards for low installation depths

Bollards that can be removed are often used where automatic retractable bollards cannot be used due to low installation depth. However, it is important to carefully consider whether bollards are the right solution for restricting access. We will be happy to advise you on other options for manual and automatic barriers.

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Areas of application

These bollards are suitable for

Building entrances, squares, or areas

with very infrequent passage

Pedestrian areas or squares

where no barrier is desired during events or functions


in combination with automatically retractable bollards to minimize the passage width

Private properties and commercial properties


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Do you have any questions? Our sales team is at your disposal for a personal, free consultation.