Granite bollards from Consel protect Swiss Federal House

How do you protect a listed building reliably and visually inconspicuously from vehicle attacks? It almost goes without saying that a standard solution is hardly convincing.

And the solution we have developed to protect what is probably Switzerland’s best-known building is shown here. Read on.

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Parking Schrankenanlage Consel Group AG
Bundeshaus mit Granitpollern


Granite bollards from Consel protect Swiss Federal House

With its own development, Consel met the high safety and design requirements of the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics BBL and thus won the prestigious contract. The project was realized in late summer 2020.

Removable high security bollards with granite shell.

These bollards have it all: because the core of these removable high-security bollards is made of steel. A granite shell is placed over it, which can be replaced if necessary – or damaged. The bollards not only blend in perfectly with their surroundings, but also meet the required safety standards. In a second step, hand-forged chains by a Swiss artist were inserted between the bollards. The granite, by the way, also comes from Switzerland. An all-round Swiss solution!

Clever logistics concept

Removable granite bollards are the perfect solution when bollards are not only to protect but also occasionally to remove. But how do you move and store bollards weighing 250 kg and massive barrier chains? With heavy-duty pallets specially designed to fit the bollards!

The pallets developed by Consel Group especially for this purpose take bollards, chains and even barrier posts. For safe transport and space-saving storage.

Media reports

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