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Production and installation

We take care of production, assembly, and installation

For the smooth and timely production and the subsequent installation of the equipment on site, we use qualified and motivated employees. Our technicians are on the road all over Switzerland and carry out the assemblies and installations professionally.

We install automatic bollard, barrier, and gate systems as well as all complementary systems for economical and safe access control or high security barriers.

Our bollard systems, high security solutions or special developments are manufactured in our factory in Croatia. We procure gates and barriers, as well as other supplementary systems from selected manufacturers and configure them to suit the installation.

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Heinrich Boller Consel Group Ag

Heinrich Boller

Senior Sales Manager

+41 43 277 60 70

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Francis Seijas Consel

Francis Seijas

CEO | Access protection expert /
Sales CH / Export

+41 43 277 60 77